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Service Attendance - Additional services all around security...

Security Consulting
Of course, our security managers are also at your disposal for consultations. In this case we consider all problems and, based on our experience and expert competence, work out possible solutions and proceedings that take into account the respective requirements

Valet Parking and Chauffeur Service
No need for a nerve-racking search for a parking space! Valet Parking is a possibility to avoid the search for a parking space. Your guests can drive up, get out the car, hand over the key, and can enjoy the event right from the beginning.

The vehicle will be safely parked by our trained male and female drivers and will be made available immediately upon request and after a short contact with the valets. Our Chauffeur or Driving Service is another possibility to be mobile without stress and without having to drive yourself.

Parking Service
Within the scope of our parking service we employ personnel that is able to direct the guests of your event on provisional parking areas as well, in such way that everybody will find a parking space and can leave it again at any time without risking to be blocked by another car. We can set up and run these areas.

If you wish to, we can also collect a parking fee from each vehicle.