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Bodyguards, Personal Protection, VIP Attendance
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Personal Protection - Your safety is very important to us...

Bodyguards, Escorts, Protecting Commando Units, VIP Attendance

We can provide you with Bodyguards who take care of your safety in any situation, at any place and on any occasion.

Our Personal Protection Team accompanies you and your relatives on all occasions. Protecting Commando Units that are made up especially for you, perform a reconnaissance of the operational area in advance, identify weak points and eliminate all possible dangers so that you can observe all your appointments in safety and without disturbances. All our staff members will risk their life and limb for you.

Within the scope of our VIP Attendance we are able to make up our personnel in such way that your VIP guest receives exactly the company that matches the appearance you wish. It stands to reason that we will provide you with a 24 hour service, if required.